College Experience Survey (CES) – Since 2014, FPPC has undertaken the project with about 35 partner universities and colleges – involving 10,999 sampled students out of a universe of 81,240 students. It is a longitudinal survey that follows cohorts of students from freshman to senior year.  This allows changes in thinking, behavior, and actions to be tracked and compared from year to year.

The CES endeavors to identify external drivers of change in student behavior, identify which components of the college experience has heavy impact on student perception and involvement, and provide information for institutions in assessing student perceptions and needs. 

The CES is meant to track the impact of a college education on the way students think and behave, in order for schools to make adjustments to their respective curricula and service offerings to a) provide the kind of education experience that students need and b) provide the tools to mold the kind of students they hope to produce. We have conducted two policy fora based on the CES – one highlighting the characteristics of so-called “millennials” and another on the voting preferences and behavior of “Gen Z”.