FPPC looks into the use of surveys, data and monitoring systems to track the impact of education on young people, create relevant curricula and tailor fit classroom activities to the needs of students, to guide schools towards providing a college experience that is both relevant and enriching

            College Experience Survey

A longitudinal survey that looks at the impact of college education on the attributes, aspirations, and opinions of students

Evaluates the impact of college experience on students in terms of their critical thinking, problem solving skills, civic and political engagement, attitudes, moral views, and employability in the global labor market (among others).

            Center for Educational Measurement

Z-Lift Dashboards, which is a project of FPPC with Z-Lift Solutions, Inc. to create automated dashboards to display the results of FEU’s Center for Excellence Measurement among grades 1 to 10 students. The objective of the project is to identify lagging students in pretests, deploy interventions during the school year focusd on these students, and implement post tests at the end of the year to determine the effectiveness of the interventions.

Research agenda

Many of the aspects of education still need much rethinking and reinvention: from standardization in curricula, teaching, and assessment; the incorporation of new technologies; the regulation of education as an experience good; the rationale and impact of occupational licensing; and the improvement of access to different levels of education. 

The FPPC welcomes interested scholars and organisations to collaborate on these emerging public policy issues in education. 


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