COLLEGE MATTERS?! Gen Z Insights from the College Experience Survey

The FEU Public Policy Center (FPPC), together with the Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Association (HKSAA) – Philippines, held a forum entitled ‘COLLEGE MATTERS?! Gen Z Insights from the College Experience Survey’, last 17 July 2023 at the Far Eastern University (FEU) Auditorium, FEU Manila Campus.

FEU President and FPPC Board of Trustees President Dr. Michael Alba presented the key findings of the 2021 College Experience Survey (CES).

The CES is an annual longitudinal survey of the FPPC that looks into students’ environment, expectations, engagement, and learning outcomes. The findings of the study can greatly assist schools in its administrative duties through wider insights about their students. Policymakers within and beyond the education sector can also use the results as guides in crafting measures that will help students and schools.

The FPPC, with HKSAA – Philippines, invited panelists — luminaries from the education sector — to tie together key insights on the college experience in country.

Know more about the highlights of the forum in the special feature below:

You may also rewatch the whole forum at the official FEU Public Policy Center Facebook