History Project

It is an academic and pedagogical undertaking that analyzed the state of the new K-12 compliant textbooks in Grade 5-6 and how Philippine history is taught. The result of the study culminated in a Public Forum: Pag-unlad ng Lipunan, Nakatindig sa Kasaysayan: The Role of Philippine History Education in Shaping Informed and Active Citizens with a Shared National Identity Public Forum successfully hosted with Dr. Maris Diokno as Resource Speaker last February 24, 2021.  Over 420+ attendees from the Department of Education Central and Regional Offices, Partner Private Schools, and invited stakeholders and advocates.

The next phase of the History Project focuses on developing and offering CPD Training for Araling Panlipunan (AP) teachers. It aims to explain the meaning and parameters of historical significance, guide teachers in selecting historically significant content in textbooks, and improve existing assessment instruments based on historically significant content. This engagement is likewise targeted to generate funding for FPPC.

The History Project and the CPD trainings are all geared towards improving the standards for teaching history; with the end goal of developing in our students a solid national identity based on an accurate rendering of historical facts, ultimately creating well-informed, patriotic citizens.  This goal is based on an assumption that there is a link between having those kinds of citizens and the way that these citizens care for public goods, and act in the national interest, that are ultimately good for creating cohesive societies and spur cultural and economic development.