History and Approach

Established in 2014, the FEU Public Policy Center is:

– A Convenor of practitioner-experts, students and faculty to discuss and exchange ideas on relevant policy questions

– A Platform for evidence-based solutions to these policy questions

– An Advocate for wide-ranging access to verifiable information

Our regular work is undertaken by a small team composed of an Executive Director, a Senior Research Fellow, a Program Manager, two research analysts, an IT specialist and a program officer.

Our strategic direction is determined by our Board of Directors, composed of academics, practitioners and leaders in the FEU community. FPPC also works with consultants on a per project basis to complement the work of our core Executive Team, and engage Research Fellows who contribute to the Center’s work by sharing past and ongoing research and leading discussions and workshops on their areas of expertise.

In line with our goal of making a significant contribution to evidence-based decision-making, FPPC forges partnerships with government agencies at the national and local levels, as well as private organisations seeking solutions to public problems. This helps to ensure that the work we undertake is relevant to the current context and is able to influence real-world policy discussions and decision-making.